A Stitch in Time

As humans, we need to reclaim bodily citizenship before the things we design end up designing us. Taking back bodily autonomy therefore requires detaching ourselves from the tentacular grip others hold over our bodies.

A Stitch in Time takes a critical look at the consumption of the birth control pill in today’s society because besides liberation, the pill has also caused alienation. Long-term use of the oral contraceptive alters a woman’s perception of what is natural to her body and what is not. However, insight in the menstrual cycle might help identify health problems earlier and strengthens the relationship we have with our true physique. This clock helps women to reconnect with their natural rhythm and spark debate on how the widely used oral contraceptive programs the female body and weakens women’s body literacy. In about 28 days, depending on the length of the cycle of the user, this clock knits a piece of textile based on personal data concerning the position of the cervix, the structure of the cervical fluid and basal body temperature. This way the pattern of the yarn becomes a visual representation of a woman’s natural menstrual cycle.

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven