Echt Genoten

In a time of mass individualization, the media are largely focused on the most personal. Dutch celebrities are given ample time to talk about themselves, many documentaries start from the first person and on social media selfies seem to be the norm for displaying experiences. With this documentary, we started looking for more collective human experiences.​ 

EchtGENOTen is a portrait about marriage, love, lust and jealousy, not about birds of paradise. It shows us that it is human nature to have sexual desires. But also, that there are few people who fully dare to give in to these urges. In this short film we meet a couple that embraces their lusts and is not afraid to experience their fantasies. However, what does this mean for their relationship? Is living the fantasy a way to avoid facing reality?

Due to privacy concerns, this documentary is only available on request.

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven