"Europe" is an abstract concept for lots of European citizens and its utility and necessity remain unknown to many. To create more cohesion within Europe, "she" will have to listen better to the stories of her citizens.

EU-Thanasia is such a story that comes from the capillaries of Europe and has been captured in a visual narrative. In Europe, a general law on euthanasia is missing. Every country individually decides what is legal and what is not. Therefore we could state that there is some form of inequality in the area of ​​euthanasia legislation. As a result, the incurable sick in countries where euthanasia is illegal opt for a different solution then suicide. They are leaving their homes to die elsewhere. This phenomena is called "euthanasia tourism". 

This visual narrative tells us the story of a young woman encountering an incredibly difficult dilemma. Is she facing a long deathbed in her familiar environment or is she leaving her loved ones and opting for a shorter agony?

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven