Me &My Body

As a person I have always been disgusted by my own hair. By my own hair that has fallen out, to be more specific. But why is it that as humans we believe that parts of our body become unclean once they have fallen off?

Me &My Body explores the way we behave with waste products of our own bodies. Saliva becomes gross once it leaves our mouths, nails become nasty once we have cut them off and hairs become dirty once they fall off our heads. The process of this project turned out to be the most important part, it was about learning to revaluate these elements of our true physique. In order to prove that hair was not something to feel disgusted by, thing were turned the other way around. If I can use my own hair to clean myself, then how can it be gross? This resulted in, among other things, a toothbrush and a soap bar both made of my own hair. In order to make the block of soap, the hair was burned to ashes so it could be used for the ancient process of making lye. Lye is an essential ingredient in the chemical reaction to turn a liquid into soap.

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven