Sho(o)t of Tearstosterone

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories - a repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest. The breeding ground for many award winning innovations. It is a refreshing place where things are done differently. A place, unfinished, unpolished, provocative, and alive.

At this off-grid location, the anthropocentric perspectives on economy, habitation and land were challenged during Dutch Design Week 2019 by adopting key principles of the Symbiocene. The Symbiocene revolves around ecological and evolutionary thinking of the interconnectedness of life and all living thing. Such symbioses are in stark contrast with current human influence and increasing dominance of climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes. Every year a selection of top talents from all over the world gets access to the unique working environment of BioArt Laboratories. During this intensive talent development programme, the Talent Pressure Cooker, talents are offered professional guidance in transforming their idea or prototype into a tangible concept or product. There is a strong focus on process and research. 

Sho(o)t of Tearstosterone is the result of the Talent Pressure Cooker programme by Bio Art Laboratories.The image of the crying woman seems to be inextricably linked to female hysteria nowadays. However, a woman's tears should be considered as a sign of strength rather than weakness, as they have the power to lower testosterone levels in men. This gun therefore functions like an ancient biological weapon for self-protection, since its bullets are filled with tears and seeds. As the bullets break upon impact, the released tears will not only cause testosterone levels to drop. They will also serve as a water supply for the seeds, resulting in beautiful flowers to shoot. Thus turning the emotional battlefield into a vivid flowerfield.

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven