Welcome to the dark side, there are more disadvantages to XTC then a mouth as dry as the Sahara and a Terrible Tuesday. The Dutch Quality pills are ruining nature, so please, do cry over spilled drug waste.

The Netherlands might be becoming a true Narco state and you could say Brabant is the capital of it. Burned out vans full of jerry cans and leaking barrels are found on a regular basis and according to the police the numbers only show the tip of the iceberg. Along with producing the love-pills comes waste, waste you do not want to get your hands on, both literally and figuratively speaking. Drug waste is like a cocktail full of acids that is being dumped in nature or thrown into the sewers. This causes plants and animals in the direct environment to die and if we are unlucky it ends up in our drinking water and food. Getting our kids high on eating corn is not a future we should pursue. Besides being hazardous for our health, the dumping of drug waste also is a threat to our wallets. The financial burden of cleaning up the mess and sometimes even soil sanitation is for the landowner. Farmers and Staatsbosbeheer often end up as victims in this case.

sPILL is a vending machine for XTC aimed at festivals and it responds to the disappointment in our drug waste policy. Besides filling their pockets with their favourite sweets, festival visitors also face the chemical leftovers that are part of the production. The pills - which for safety reasons for both the visitors as the makers of sPILL, all have sugar as their main ingredient and not MDMA - are decorated with the logos of different political parties. A quick Google search tells that all of these parties happen to be against legislation of the beloved Smarties. A subtle nod to failing politics. Besides the ‘pill’, the bag also contains a tiny holographic card on which pink letters form a poem that almost sounds like the lyrics of a house song. It tells the reader to stop living the dream and stop postponing saving the environment. The future starts today, not tomorrow, seems the underlying motto. This final call for help from mother Earth takes the visitor to an URL which then brings the reader to an online petition called The War On Drug Waste. Even though sPILL makes quite a radical statement against Dutch politics , this petition is a polite request aimed at the government to come up with a drug waste policy to address the problem.

© 2020 By Karin de Jong. Eindhoven